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I’m lucky enough to be able to accompany Sue on some of her travels as she delivers training. That means I get to go to places. And I’ve occasionally been tempted to draw them. In fact, I did sketch an interior of a church in Dublin on one of our visits there in 2014. (I’ll post that later, if I can find it.)

I have no formal training. In fact, prior to that visit to Dublin, the last time I drew in public was probably in 1989 as part of a Primary Teaching course. (I’ll see if I can find that one…)

Last summer my uncle James mentioned the Urban Sketchers community ( Looking at their website I was immediately impressed by their manifesto, which details the commitment by the community to an open and inclusive approach.

I was also inspired, and awed, by the quality of work. But I remembered the manifesto…

..and completed my first Urban Sketch. 2017 01 15 Morrisons, Chesterfield


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