Belfast, Banks Building

Later in my visit to Belfast, I learned that this had been a Primark Store, but was badly damaged in a fire in August 2018.

White sheeting was draped across the top of the frontage (presumably as a protection from the elements) and the remains from the interior sticking up above it made me think of the Titanic sinking in the North Atlantic. Belfast is Titanic Town! Two hours and a few minutes.

2019 03 01 Belfast Banks Building

Elstow, Bedford 02 Moot Hall

As I started on this a man came over from the Moot Hall. I’d seen him going in and out a couple of times, carrying things. He introduced himself as the curator and said he was an artist as well and wanted to see how I was getting on. “The challenge is to get all the beams right,” he said. That seemed worth accepting. He was very complimentary on his subsequent visits. However, life is too short, really, and so not all the beams are right, actually!

After three hours a cavalcade of about 30 vintage Singer cars pulled up. I think they would have been more fun to sketch. 3hr.

2018 06 15 Elstow Bedford 02