Reading 03 175 Friar Street, Bristol and West Arcade

As you can see from the articles below, nothing much has happened to the West and Bristol Arcade since it was built in the 1950s. But the history of the site before that is interesting. 1hr 20m.

2006 article–4261584

2017 article

2018 05 10 Reading 03

Reading 02 Friar Street

I did the barest pencil lines first and then went straight into putting paint on paper. The school children from my previous sketch came past. “Are you still drawing?” Two women who stopped to look, but didn’t know the name of the tall building on the skyline. I think it’s the Novotel. 1hr 15m. There’s a lot to see in Reading Museum.

2018 05 10 Reading 02

Flamsteed House, Greenwich

A bitterly cold day but bright sunshine. And rather lurid colours again! Some delightful children in maroon blazers paid me compliments. And tourists took pictures of themselves astride the Prime Meridian.

The red ball (the Time Ball) on the top of Flamsteed House is lowered at exactly 1.00 pm each day so that mariners on the Thames can set their ships’ clocks. This has happened every day since 1833. However, it was stuck in the down position on the day I visited. One of the staff  said “If the ball was modern, then we’d just hit it with a hammer to free it, but it’s old, you see.”

2017 11 23 Greenwich

Ladygate, Beverley

A couple of hours in Beverley. It stayed dry. Several people stopped to see what I was doing, including three women. One said to the others “Stop here. We can be three wise monkeys!” I asked her if she thought people would recognise the Minster from my sketch. She told me the church was not the Minster, bur St Mary’s. Oh well. Actually, I don’t much like my work on the church but I’m pleased with how the houses turned out. So my link is to Ladygate, not St Mary’s. 70 minutes.

2017 10 23 Beverley 01